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Choose the solution combining comfort and economy for your stay in L'Epine. The apartment rental is the perfect choice  for holidays with family or friends at the best value for money. Check our apartment rental offers in L'Epine on the island of Noirmoutier!

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Here are our holiday apartment and flat offers in Noirmoutier L'Epine, Vendée. We select each holiday apartment proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My Home in Noirmoutier offers you also a wide selection of properties and in particular apartments for rent in Le Vieil and the area of Herbaudiere.

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If it is true that the beaches of the Epine are well worth the detour, it is another way to discover this part of the island by turning towards the interior, that is to say to the marsh side. Far from the hustle and bustle of the center, take a stroll to the so-called \"marais gâts\". They are ruined because they are not maintaine and they become wild again. To get there, borrow the \"charrauds\", dirt roads that the men took to go to their salt pans and which cross the marshes. From there, you will discover the \"bossis\", works raised with the mud coming from the clearing of the channels. Today, many of these abandoned marshes have been taken over by a new generation of salt producers who restore them to cultivate salt as it was several generations ago. So go to visit one of its salt shacks and you will learn how white gold is formed by a complex hydrological process and how it is harvested by the saunier using the lousse, a kind of large skimmer. You will be able to benefit from it to make your purchases and bring back flower of salt nature, herbs or vegetables for the enjoyment  of your taste buds. It should be noted that this appellation of white gold, in reference to the time when salt was a coveted wealth, should not make us forget that climatic hazards alternate years of abundance and scarcity.To fully enjoy your stay in L'Epine, My Home In has selected for you the best offers of the borough. And if you hesitate with a rental in house, with or without swimming pool, consult our offers.