Tourism in My Home In Noirmoutier

Although the island of Noirmoutier offers a greater number of activities in summer, it is nevertheless dynamic all the rest of the year. In any season, ride your bike and discover it! You can enjoy the many cycling paths that will lead you to the four corners of the island.

To start, head towards the Passage du Gois! This submarine pavement emblematic of the Vendée represents, particularly during the great tides, a great site for the collection of crustaceans and especially hulls and knives. But be careful not to linger too much because at the rising tide, the passage finds itself completely engulfed! Being tired of  your fishing, do not hesitate to take the small roads of the marshes and stop for the visit of an authentic shack with salt. You will discover an handmade collection method carried out in the respect of the oldest traditions of Noirmoutier. Then, if you like, you can go and taste a tray of oysters on the port of Noirmoutier on the island.

After a stroll through the narrow streets of the city, you can not miss visiting its medieval castle built at the end of the 12th century, one of the best preserved in the Greater West! Installed in its dungeon since the beginning of the 20th century, a museum recountes the history of the island and offers temporary exhibitions. Finally, impossible to leave without having set foot on the sand of the beach of Vieil, made famous by the film of Claude Sautet, César and Rosalie and the beach of the Ladies, having served as decor to Laurent Tirard's film, Les Vacances du Petit Nicolas and located just a stone’s throw away from the magnificent Bois de la Chaize and its XIXth century villas. Get ready ! Choose your accommodation in Noirmoutier with no delay!